Restructuring the Financial Advisor to Empower the Average Investor

The Challenge  

What society is dealing with

The digital innovations of the modern-day demand creative destruction in the realm of personal finance. With easy access to information and the growth of digital investing, the modern investor stands in unchartered territory, with all the necessary data within reach. How will the next-generation investor apply this knowledge? Will Robo Advisors find their niche? Does the Financial Advisor stand a chance of survival in the digital world?  

The Problems

We are too busy and preoccupied

● Most people are too busy for proper due diligence and investment strategy or don’t have the means to acquire a financial advisor.

Those that hold the proper skills do not receive proper returns.

● Skilled traders and investors currently have two options: create stability by working for a firm with strict legal requirements or take on large risk and go at it alone.

Nothing is safe, almost

● Investors either choose to put all their investments on a risky app, use a robo-advisor, or a (typically) self-serving white collar advisor.

The Mission

How BORUS is tackling 'The Challenge'

Applying the innovations of the modern generation, BORUS intends to build upon the inheritance of past labors to create a more efficient path to personal investment.  With the emergence of new technology in the financial world, previously fixed trammels are thrown off and new opportunities are created. Currently, investors are presented with two extremes relating to mode investment: hired advisors or personal management. BORUS means to dismantle the boundaries created with such extremes.

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BORUS is a registered LLC in Delaware currently filing design and utility patents.

Meet the Team

Based out of New York City

Steele FX Moran

Management & Finance

Founder and managing director for BORUS, Steele dedicates himself to structuring and scaling the company to reach its goal and stay true to its mission. Holding past experience in business management and financial analysis, he is able to add his skills to the financial and management side of BORUS.

Daniel C Fedak

Data Scientist

Focused on company target market analysis and researching potential key competitors to BORUS' unique business model. Assistant on building preliminary platform as well as head of strategy and vision for BORUS.

Tin Tun Naing

Head Software Engineer

Leader in the development of MVP, Beta, and construction for the final product. With a masters in mathematics, a passion for machine learning, and extensive programming skills, Tin is a crucial asset to The BORUS Team.

Hannah Robertson

Blockchain Engineer

Head Advisor for the BORUS Team focused on expanding the blockchain infrastructure and aiding in expansion for the company. A Blockchain SME and thought leader in the industry with experience in developing Blockchain-based solutions.